7 easy hacks to maximize earnings for gig workers like Lyft and Uber drivers

Inexperienced drivers have the most to lose, as are those who are out of touch with the community. There are certainly tricks to this trade, and they make the difference between sink or swim in the rideshare game. We’ve interviewed the administrators of some of the most popular Uber forums across the web to bring you this definitive guide to the top 7 ways to bring home more cash for your sweat and toil.

  1. Download the Otomo app to handle saving income taxes
    Forgetting to save for income taxes is the fastest way to get into financial trouble. Tell Otomo what income to pay attention to, then “set it and forget it.” Every time your gig income hits your bank account, it automatically sets it aside for you.
  2. Get the Hurdlr app to track mileage and expenses as you earn
    Avoid IRS audits and maximize your earnings by tracking your expenses and then reducing them. Use the app to track your mileage while you drive as well as your expenses like water bottles and chewing gum for your riders.
  3. Stack your gigs to earn in between rides
    Earn while you commute by making yourself available for rides or food deliveries while you drive to and from your TaskRabbit or other gig.
  4. Earn while you sleep by charging scooters
    You can earn between $5 – $20 per scooter charge. Pick up a couple scooters every night on your way home from driving and earn an extra money while you sleep.
  5. Drive for both Uber and Lyft to keep that meter running
    You can’t earn if you’re driving for Uber and riders are using Lyft. Use Mystro to manage both platforms from one place, and earn wherever the fares are.
  6. Earn while you drive with mobile advertisements
    Wrapify and Vugo are advertising platforms designed specifically for Uber and Lyft drivers. You can earn a couple hundred dollars a month on both by turning the inside and outside of your car into a moving advertisement.
  7. Make the most of your earnings with tax write-offs
    You’re missing out on earnings if you don’t know what gig earners can write off on their taxes. Things like vehicle registration fees, licenses, gas, insurance, repairs, oil changes, garage rent, vehicle titles, tolls, and parking fees are all fair game when it comes to writing off expenses.

There are a lot of creative ways to be efficient with your time and money. Most people work gigs because they want to live and earn on their own terms. We created Otomo so you could manage your money the same way.